Pigeon Xpress 5 now avaiable !.

Version 5 is a complete new version developped with the latest technologies. The interface has changed completely. We implemented the look-and-feel of Office 2007 together with the powerfull .NET Framework. This makes Pigeon Xpress 5 even more easy to use.

Some new functionality has been added while other functionality has been rewritten or grouped together.
Som eof the new functionality :

  • Windows VISTA 32 bits - support
  • New menu design and functionality
  • Improved Pedigree text with larger capacity.
  • Solar Calendar.
  • Intelligent pedigree search engine for bloodlines.
  • Quick filtering.
  • Enter race results by pigeon / by race.
  • Different pedigree layouts.
  • Personlized pedigree possible (to pay : from 25,00 EUR.)
  • Internet activation
  • ...

  • Pigeon Xpress is comes with standard 3 lanuages : Dutch, French and English. Available in 2 versions :
  • 99,00 EUR - Standard Version (Only Pedigree)
  • 150,00 EUR - Full Version

  • Try our software for free.. Download the trial version by clicking the link below. You can use the full version for 30 days with few limiations.

    Install first the database drivers
    Download TRIAL Pigeon XPress 5 (33.6MB)