What is Pigeon XPress?

Pigeon XPress is the standard among the Pigeon Management programs. It is the most complete package suited for the small fancier as well as for the professional top-breeders. Pigeon XPress was the first program to introduce pictures in the pedigrees. All facets of modern pigeon management are included in one software package which is easy to use for young and old.

One central menu controls the program and keeps the navigation through the data easy. The following items can be managed through Pigeon XPress 4: Clients and contact, Pigeon Management (pedigree), Picture Management, Race Results, Medical Information, Breeding Program, Financial Information and a lot of extra options such as a notebook and the electronic Registration of pigeons (Bricon©). All function can be controlled through the mouse or keyboard.

Pigeon XPress is until now sold to fanciers in Belgium, Greece, USA, Italy, Switserland, Portugal,... and is concurring the world thanks to the World Pigeon Center and the knowledge of 4 times World Champion Jos Thoné.

The program is multi-language: English, French, Dutch, Roumainian, German and in the future will be expanded to other languages.